The 2nd Sex & the 7th Art: Women Directors in Film

Female filmmakers: Investigating their works, history and advocacy in the U.S. from 1896-present.

I am currently co-producing this feature-length documentary with director Jennifer Dean (@jenniferedean) and producer Caron K. More information and a complete list of our interview subjects can be found here:

I completed a 365‐day campaign on Twitter (@riceunderwater ). The goal: seeking on a daily basis to bring attention to and watch works by female filmmakers from across the globe. Below is the complete list of films watched with links to many works that are available for online viewing. Each of the following were invaluable resources throughout the year for viewing in various mediums:
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Abby Thompson Solo6 min short-narrative 2015
Agnes Varda The Gleaners and I78 min feature-documentary 2000
Alethea Arnaquq-Baril Inuit High Kick3 min short-experimental 2010 @Alethea_Aggiuq
Alexandra Hetmerova Mythopolis12 min short-animation 2013
Alice Guy-Blaché The Consequences of Feminism6 min short-silent 1906
Alison Chernick The Artist Is Absent13 min short-documentary 2015
Alison Corsie Erased4 min short-narrative 2014
Alison Maclean Kitchen Sink14 min short-experimental 1989 @AlisonMacleanBK
Alix Bannon Forgiveness7 min short-narrative 2014 @hello_alix
Allie Avital Mutual Benefit: Advanced Falconry6 min short-music video 2013 @AllieAvital; @mutual_benefit
Allison Mattox Three in June19 min short-narrative 2015 @3injunethefilm
Alma W. Bär fuckin´ situation blues3 min short-animation ???
Almudena Toral Without Words5 min short-documentary 2011 @almudenatoral
Almudena Toral An Afghan Girl's Quest for Education8 min short-documentary 2012 @almudenatoral
Alyce Tzue Soar7 min short-animation 2015 @SOARFilm
Amanda Bedula Quiet Picnic4 min short-narrative 2013 @BduLa428
Amanda Forbis; Wendy Tilby When the Day Breaks9 min short-animation 1999
Amanda Homsi-Ottosson Jasad & The Queen of Contradictions40 min short-documentary 2011
Amanda Micheli Double Dare81 min feature-documentary 2004 @RunawayFilmsSF
Amberly Alene Ellis Bullets Without Names9 min short-documentary 2014 @AmberlyAlene
Amy Enser The Beast Inside5 min short-animation 2014
Amy Greenfield Transport5 min short-experimental 1970
Amy Schatz The Apology To Elephants40 min short-documentary 2013
Amy Seimetz Sun Don't Shine79 min feature-narrative 2012 @sun_dont_shine
Ananya Sundararajan* Funny Words2 min short-narrative 2015
Andrea Arnold Fish Tank123 min feature-narrative 2009 @FishTankMovie
Andrea Dorfman Flawed13 min short-animation 2011
Andrea Ricca Giant Scorpion4 min short-narrative 2016
Anja Marquardt She’s Lost Control90 min feature-narrative 2014
Ann Silverstein Noc Na Tanečku13 min short-documentary 2011
Anna Benner; Jens Blank Tis the Season2 min short-animation 2013
Anna Boden; Ryan Fleck Mississippi Grind109 min feature-narrative 2015
Anna Sampers Margaret Hue would like to go to Mars4 min short-narrative 2013
Anna Sampers* This Is Jackie3 min short-experimental 2014
Anna Simone Scott Aerial Girl13 min short-narrative 2011 @annasimonescott
Anne Lewis; Mimi Pickering Anne Braden: Southern Patriot77 min feature-documentary 2012 @MimiPick; @AnneBradenFilm
Anneke Villet The Last Doorman25 min short-narrative 2014 @antjiepop
Annie J. Howell The Failure of Pamela Salt23 min short-narrative 2001 @SmallMoving
Antonia Bird Ravenous101 min feature-narrative 1999
Arden Barlow Wish1 min short-experimental 2014
Arden Barlow* Anxeyety5 min short-animation 2015
Ariel Unser Bill12min short-narrative 2014 @Ariel_Unser
Asa Lucander Ain't Got Nobody6 min short-animation ??? @AsaLucander
Ashley Graham; Kate Reynolds & Lindsey St. Pierre Dia de los Muertos4 min short-animation 2013
Audrey Wells Guinevere104 min feature-narrative 1999
Ava DuVernay Selma128 min feature-narrative 2014 @AVAETC; @SelmaMovie
Baley Wynn Keep Calm & Carry On4 min short-narrative 2012
Barbara Kopple Harlan County U.S.A.103 min feature-documentary 1976 @barbarakopple
Basak Buyukcelen Derin Nefes Al8 min short-narrative 2012 @basak_b
Beth Spitalny Girl Clown (short)15 min short-narrative 2012 @crystalscott
Bianca Giaever; Rachel Antonoff Crush6 min short-narrative 2013 @biancagiaever; @rachelantonoff
Bohdana Smyrnova The Haircut6 min short-narrative 2007 @BohdanaSmyrnova
Bonnie McFarlane Women Aren't Funny79 min feature-documentary 2014 @BonnieMcFarlane
Brianne Nord-Stewart Trolls7 min short-narrative 2009 @bnordstewart
Caitlin Inzinna Flight of the Soul5 min short-animation 2013
Camille Stochitch Interstate20 min short-narrative 2013
Carolina Petro Rosemary Jane17 min short-narrative 2013 @cascolina
Caroline Ingvarsson I Met a Real Streety Once22 min short-documentary 2006
Caroline Martel The Phantom of the Operator65 min feature-documentary 2004
Caryn Waechter The Sisterhood of Night102 min feature-narrative 2014 @CarynWaechter; @SisterhoodMovie
Catherine Arcand Nightmare at School8 min short-animation 2007
Catherine Hardwicke Fed Head7 min short-documentary 2014 @C_Hardwicke
Catherine Hiller Warnow; Regina Weinreich Paul Bowles: The Complete Outsider56 min short-documentary 1993 @ADiaryoftheArts
Catherine Orr; Catherine Spangler Born Into Coal8 min short-documentary 2012 @hellofromcath
Cecile Delepiere BEÍTH12 min short-experimental 2015 @CecileDelepiere
Chantal Akerman La Chambre11 min short-experimental 1972
Charlene Chung Cheena Manaivi11 min short-documentary 2014
Charlene Favier Omessa20 min short-narrative 2015
Charlotte Glynn The Immaculate Reception17 min short-narrative 2014 @jacktarfilms
Chelsea Rebecca Duvid27 min short-narrative 2012 @carebecc
Chia Pei Zhen Scot Free18 min short-narrative 2009
Chinonye Chukwu A Long Walk15 min short-narrative 2014 @ChinonyeC
Cho-hee Jang Hide And Seek21 min short-narrative 2012
Christin Michel Funkwärts3 min short-animation 2013
Christina Choe I Am John Wayne18 min short-narrative 2011 @notoriouschoe
Christina King Winter Fractal2 min short-experimental 2009
Christina Yoon White Rabbit18 min short-narrative 2013
Christine Hooper On Loop5 min short-animation 2013 @christinehooper
Christine Lahti My First Mister109 min feature-narrative 2001
Claire Denis Bastards100 min feature-narative 2013
Claire Ensslin Pedestrian7 min short-narrative 2013 @ClaireEnsslin
Clara Wong Yuen Yin 黃婉妍 Chinese Opera Boy24 min short-narrative 2009
Claudia Myers Fort Bliss109 min feature-narrative 2014 @claudiamyers
Connie Chung* Tiger9 min short-experimental 2015
Corrie Chen Happy Country14 min short-narrative 2008 @corriechen
Courtney Marsh The Tulip Chair4 min short-animation 2014 @CourtneyNMarsh
Crystal Moselle The Wolfpack90 min feature-documentary 2015 @CrystalMoselle; @TheWolfpackFilm
Cynthia Scott Strangers in Good Company101 min feature-narrative 1990
D.R. Hood Wreckers85 min feature-narrative 2011
Daisy Zhou How to Be a Black Panther21 min short-narrative 2014 @HTBBPfilm
Dana Plays Across the Border7 min short-experimental 1982
Daniella Koffler Stairs to No End7 min short-animation 2011 @daxy_k
Danielle Lurie In the Morning10 min short-narrative 2005 @danielle_lurie
Deborah Burns Monster10 min short-narrative 2011
Deborah Jieun Kim Kin??? short-narrative 2015 @KINthemovie
Deborah Napier* Catnip1 min short-narrative 2015
Debra Granik Snake Feed24 min short-narrative 1997
Debra Markowitz The Last Taxi Driver14 min short-narrative 2014 @debramarkowitz
Dee Rees Pariah86 min feature-narrative 2011
Devi Snively Teenage Bikini Vampire7 min short-narrative 2004
Diana Whitten Vessel86 min feature-documentary 2014 @Vesselthefilm
Edith Chong Someday We'll Know30 min short-narrative 2015
Effie Pappa 1.2 Million Children3 min short-animation 2010 @EffiePappa
Elaine May Mikey and Nicky106 min feature-narrative 1976
Eléonore Pourriat Majorité Opprimée 11 min short-narrative 2010
Eliza Hittman Forever's Gonna Start Tonight16 min short-narrative 2011 @ElizaHittman
Elizabeth Lo Hotel 229 min short-documentary 2014 @lizbklo
Elizabeth Rohrbaugh Dylan9 min short-narrative 2014 @Liz_Myers
Elizabeth Salgado Novelas do capeta11 min short-documentary 2014
Ellie Ngim Second Chance7 min short-narrative 2015
Emily Carmichael RPG OKC10 min short-animation 2013 @emilycarmichael
Emily Diana Ruth Heads to Fill7 min short-experimental 2010 @emilydianaruth
Emily Edwards; & Bryce Weinert Emily’s Five Quick Facts48 min short-web series (all 12 eps) 2015 @ee1013; @bsw10025
Emily Ting One Night Stand10 min short-narrative 2004
Emma de Swaef Oh Willy…17 min short-animation 2012
Emma Kate Croghan Love and Other Catastrophes88 min feature-narrative 1996
Emma Noble Owl and Mouse6 min short-documentary 2013 @asshatkingkong
Enid Zentelis Bottled Up84 min feature-narrative 2013 @EnidZentelis; @BottledUpFilm
Erica Chan Moments15 min short-narrative 2015
Erica Knauss Defilement10 min short-narrative 2011
Erica Rotberg Avoidance5 min short-animation 2014
Erica Watson Roubado19 min short-narrative 2014 @watsonerica
Erin Sanger Bombshell14 min short-narrative 2012
Evelyn Purcell Heatstroke92 min feature-narrative 2013
Fanny Bratahalim, Beverly Ann Koh; & Roopsha Mandal Roopsha Mandal Lose It8 min short-animation 2013
Fanta Régina Nacro Hats Off14 min short-narrative 2010 @fantanacro
Francesca Coppola I Fenicotteri (Flamingos)15 min short-narrative 2013 @coppfra
Freida Mock Anita95 min feature-documentary 2013 @AnitaHillMovie
Gemma Green-Hope Gan-Gan3 min short-experimental ??? @GemmaGreenHope
Germaine Dulac La Coquille et le Clergyman32 min short-silent 1928
Gillian Armstrong My Brilliant Career99 min feature-narative 1979
Gillian Horvat Kiss Kiss Fingerbang11 min short-narrative 2015 @GillianHorvat
Gina Haraszti Wall2 min short-experimental 2006 @GinaHaraszti
Gina Prince-Bythewood Beyond The Lights116 min feature-narrative 2014 @GPBmadeit; @BeyondTheLights
Grace Jackson Jack4 min short-documentary 2012
Gunvor Nelson Moon's Pool15 min short-experimental 1973
Gwen Haworth She’s a Boy I Knew70 min feature-documentary 2007
H. Eli Philipsen Meissner Her Telling heart11 min short-narrative 2012 @HeidiPhilipsen
Hana Wuerker When Perri Met Aly10 min short-narrative 2015 @wuerkforce
Hannah Gregg Rosa11 min short-documentary 2015
Hannah Jacobs & Lara Lee The Darkest Truth About Love2 min short-animation ??? @hello_hannah_j
Hattie Dalton Third Star92 min feature-narrative 2010
Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady The Foreign Aid Paradox8 min short-documentary 2014 @RachelLoki; @HeidiLoki
Helen Lee Prey27 min short-narrative 1995
Helena Brooks Nothing Special11 min short-narrative 2004 @helenabrooks
Helga Geng; Susanne Ullerich Daydreams3 min short-experimental 2004
Holly Mosher The Impact of One3 min short-documentary 2012 @filmsforchange
Ida Lupino The Hitch-Hiker71 min feature-narrative 1953
Ilana Simons About Haruki Murakami11 min short-experimental ???
Isavella Arteaga Coquette3 min short-experimental ??? @IzAyArt
Jacqueline Wade Rubber Room New York Style??? short-documentary 2015
Jan Eliasberg Past Midnight100 min feature-narrative 1991 @JanEliasberg
Jane Anderson The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio95 min feature-narrative 2005
Jane Campion Holy Smoke115 min feature-narrative 1999
Janet Solomon A Christmas Miracle13 min short-narrative 2011
Janie Geiser Immer Zu9 min short-animation 1997
Jasmine Johnson Sugar13 min short-narrative 2013 @sugarshortfilm
Jeanette Bonds Trusts and Estates5 min short-animation 2013 @Jeanette_Bonds
Jeanette Castillo Sixth Grade Cannibals6 min short-animation 2015
Jeanne C. Finley Against a Single Match, The Darkness Flinches19 min short-experimental 1998
Jenna Laurenzo Girl Night Stand9 min short-narrative 2015 @JennaLaurenzo
Jenni Olson Blue Diary6 min short-experimental 1997 @JenniOlsonSF
Jenni Olson The Joy Of Life64 min feature-documentary 2005 @JenniOlsonSF
Jennifer Dean To Live Forever15 min short-narrative 2015 @JenniferDean
Jennifer Dean To Live Forever15 min short-narrative 2015 @jenniferedean
Jennifer Kent Monster11 min short-narrative 2005
Jennifer Maas Wheedle's Groove87 min feature-documentary 2009 @JenniferMaas; @WheedlesGroove
Jennifer Phang Advantageous91 min feature-narrative 2015 @avantageousme; @Phangvantageous
Jennifer Reeder One Thousand Ways To Skin it7 min short-experimental 2011
Jessica Goldberg Refuge84 min feature-narrative 2012
Jill Soloway Una Hora Por Favora13 min short-narrative 2011 @jillsoloway
Jilli Rose Sticky20 min short-animation 2013 @jilli_rose
Jillian Acreman Marigolds8 min short-narrative 2015
Jillian Corsie Trichster80 min feature-documentary 2015 @JillianCorsie; @TrichsterFilm
Joan Henson Bing Bang Boom25 min short-documentary 1969
Joan Micklin Silver Bernice Bobs Her Hair45 min short-narrative 1976
Joan Micklin Silver Hester Street89 min feature-narrative 1975
Joanna Lurie Moon Blues2 min short-narrative 2003
Joanna Lurie Syrie, quand l’eau vint à manquer1 min short-animation 2015
Jobeda Ali Rebels of Tahrir Square8 min short-documentary 2011 @Jobeda
Jodie Mack No Kill Shelter2 min short-experimental 2013
Joëlle Carreño Carla Is Not Your Friend1 min short-animation 2015
Josephine Decker Butter On the Latch70 min feature-narrative 2013 @JosephineJambox
Joyce Wu Ambivalent11 min short-narrative 2011 @oneandonlyjoyce
Joyce Wu, Chris Serveld; & Eric Yoon* The Assistant and Her Lovely Magician5 min short-narrative 2011 @oneandonlyjoyce
Julia Dyer Playroom83 min feature-narrative 2012 @playroommovie
Julia Pott The Event4 min short-animation 2013 @juliapott
Julia Radochia Little Pen Lost5 min short-narrative 2013
Julia Walter Job Interview9 min short-narrative 2013 @JuliaWalterFilm
Julie Buck & Karin Segal Girls on Film9 min short-documentary 2006 @julieannebuck
Julie Dash The Rosa Parks Story97 min feature-narative 2002 @JulieDash
Julie Gautier Narcose13 min short-documentary 2013
Julie Taymor Titus162 min feature-narrative 1999
Julie Zammarchi The Saint of Dry Creek4 min short-animation 2015
Julieta Steinberg* 21 Steps to Get Over Your Ex10 min short-narrative ???
Justine Nagan Sacred Transformations9 min short-documentary 2009 @justinenagan
Kanchalee Wijakpaisarn In-Between13 min short-narrative 2015 @kanpistola
Kanchalee Wijakpaisarn* Paper Cut5 min short-narrative 2012 @kanpistola
Karen Gillan Conventional9 min short-narrative 2015 @KarenGillan
Karen Lin Perfection7 min short-narrative 2004
Kari Skogland Liberty Stands Still96 min feature-narrative 2002 @kariskogland
Karyn Kusama Aeon Flux93 min feature-narrative 2005
Kasia Nalewajka Pineapple Calamari9 min short-animation 2014
Kat Candler Hellion (short)7 min short-narrative 2012 @KatCandler
Kate Barker-Froyland Song One86 min feature-narrative 2014 @kbarkerfroyland
Kate Shenton Gimp8 min short-narrative 2012 @kate_shenton
Kate Tsang So You've Grown Attached16 min short-narrative 2014 @katetsang
Katharina Vogel Der Lauf der Dinge3 min short-animation 2010
Kathrina Bognot Regifted10 min short-narrative 2015
Kathryn Bigelow Last Days4 min short-documentary 2014 @lastdaysofivory
Kathryn Millard The Boot Cake74 min feature-documentary 2008
Katie Armstrong Interlude6 min short-animation 2013
Katya Shagalova Pavlov's Dog72 min feature-narrative 2005
Kaura Colella Tax Day74 min feature-narrative 1998
Kelly Reichardt Travis12 min short-experimental 2004
Kim Farrant Strangerland112 min feature-narrative 2015
Kimberly DiPersia* Coffee Shop Conversations2 min short-narrative ???
Kimberly Peirce Carrie100 min feature-narrative 2013
Kiri Laurelle A Girl Like Me7 min short-documentary 2005 @KiriLaurelle
Kirsten Lepore Move Mountain12 min short-animation 2013 @nkirstenhyo
Kris Swanberg Unexpected85 min feature-narrative 2015 @krisswanberg
Kristin Gladney; Uta Hesterberg & Ewa Sklodowska Right To Play13 min short-documentary 2013 @KristinGladney
Kum-Kum Bhavnani LUTAH65 min feature-documentary 2014
Lara Baum Night7 min short-experimental 2014
Lara Gallagher Hot and Cold4 min short-music video 2014 @larajeangal
Lara Gallagher Don't Wanna Lose3 min short-music video 2014 @larajeangal
Laura Birek* Sincerely, Us7 min short-narrative 2015
Laura Ivins Thru the Trees8 min short-experimental 2011 @dualprojection
Laura Kraning Devil’s Gate16 min short-documentary 2011
Laura Maxfield Hunting22 min short-narrative 2010 @thelauramaxfly
Laura Poitras The Oath96 min feature-documentary 2010
Laura Savia Tiny Things13 min short-narrative 2014 @laura_savia
Laura Thies The Tie7 min short-narrative 2005 @LauraThies
Lauren Wolkstein Social Butterfly14 min short-narrative 2013 @LaurenWolkstein
Lea Vidakovic The Vast Landscape - Porcelain Stories11 min short-animation 2014
Leah Meyerhoff Twitch5 min short-narrative 2005 @LeahMeyerhoff
Leah Shore Old Man6 min short-animation 2012 @Leah_Shore
Lee Hae-in Sleep10 min short-narrative 2014
Leigh Janiak Honeymoon87 min feature-narrative 2014 @honeymoonmovie
Lena Dunham Tiny Furniture98 min feature-narrative 2010 @lenadunham
Leona Goldstein God is Not Working on Sunday!84 min feature-documentary 2015
Leslee Udwin India's Daughter57 min short-documentary 2015 @LesleeUdwin; @IndiasDaughter
Lexi Alexander Punisher: War Zone103 min feature-narrative 2008 @Lexialex
Libby Sherrill Beyond the Myth92 min feature-documentary 2010 @BeyondtheMyth
Libby Spears Playground5 min short-documentary 2009 @thelibbyspears
Lily Baldwin Sleepover LA15 min short-narrative 2014 @hililybaldwin
Lily Yu, Judy Le; & Jeremiah Mellor Bay Area Girls Rock Camp8 min short-documentary 2013 @BAGRC
Lindsay Mcintyre Barge Dirge7 min short-experimental 2011
Lisa Langseth Pure97 min feature-narrative 2009
Lisa Robinson Head Stand9 min short-narrative 2000 @SmallMoving
Liz Garbus What Happened, Miss Simone?102 min feature-documentary 2015 @lizgarbus
Liz Tuccillo Take Care94 min feature-narrative 2014 @TheLizTuccillo
Liza Johnson Hateship Loveship104 min feature-narrative 2013
Lois Weber Suspense10 min short-silent 1913
Lorene Scafaria Seeking a Friend for the End of the World101 min feature-narrative 2012 @LoreneScafaria
Lori Felker Zwischen2 min short-experimental 2006 @FelkerCommaLori
Lucette Braune Through You8 min short-animation 2013
Lucile Hadžihalilović Mimi (aka La Bouche de Jean-Pierre)50 min short-narrative 1997
Lucrecia Martel Pescados/Fish5 min short-experimental 2010
Lyda Kuth Love and Other Anxieties66 min feature-documentary 2011
Lynn Hershman Leeson Desire Inc.26 min short-documentary 1990
Lynn Shelton Touchy Feely 88 min feature-narrative 2013 @lynnsheltonfilm
Lynne Ramsay Ratcatcher94 min feature-narrative 1999
Lynne Sachs The Task of the Translator10 min short-documentary 2010 @LynneSachs1
Madeleine Parker The Pitch4 min short-narrative 2012
Madeleine Sackler The Lottery80 min feature-documentary 2010 @madsackler
Madeline Sharafian Acorn4 min short-animation 2014
Madison Thomas Music of the Spheres19 min short-narrative 2014 @MadisonFThomas
Mandira Chauhan Failure Groupies13 min short-narrative 2014 @mandira_c; @FailureGroupies
Marie De Lapparent 3+17 min short-animation 2015
Marie Losier Las Luchas Morenas12 min short-experimental 2014
Marie Menken Hurry Hurry4 min short-experimental 1957
Marie Paccou Un Jour5 min short-animation 1998
Marie Ullrich Cache16 min short-narrative 2008 @YokoMarie
Marilyn Higgins Mandela: One Man60 min feature-documentary 2009
Marina Bruno Civil War9 min short-narrative 2012 @MarinaBruno
Marjorie Sturm The Cult of JT LeRoy92 min feature-documentary 2014 @cultofJT
Martha Davis Doctors of the Dark Side74 min feature-documentary 2011
Martina Amato Come fa il geco con la farfalla42 min short-documentary 2015
Martina Kudlacek In the Mirror of Maya Deren103 min feature-documentary 2002
Mary Ellen Bute & Ted Bute Tarantella5 min short-experimental 1940
Mary Harron American Psycho102 min feature-narrative 2000
Mary Lambert The Attic82 min feature-narrative 2007
Mary Nighy* Need For Speed (Dating)7 min short-narrative 2014
Mary Stuart Masterson The Cake Eaters85 min feature-narrative 2007 @CakeEaterMovie
Maya Deren Meshes of the Afternoon14 min short-experimental 1943
Megan Griffiths Eros3 min short-narrative 2008 @thecinechick
Meghan McInaney Reeling Female6 min short-documentary 2014 @ReelingMack
Meghann Artes Speed Dating11 min short-animation 2014
Melanie Abramov Dame Factory Inc.8 min short-experimental 2011 @DameProd
Melissa Finell Disaster Preparedness15 min short-narrative 2014 @MelFinell
Michelle Ehlen Heterosexual Jill80 min feature-narrative 2013 @hetjill
Milena Pastreich I Feel Stupid15 min short-narrative 2012 @milenapastreich
Minji Kang The Loyalist20 min short-narrative 2015
Mira Nair The Reluctant Fundamentalist130 min feature-narrative 2012 @MiraPagliNair
Miranda July Somebody10 min short-narrative 2014 @Miranda_July
Molly Ward The Art of Wooing10 min short-narrative 2013 @mollifor
Mona Fastvold The Sleepwalker91 min feature-narrative 2014 @MonaLerche
Monica Graves Cedar Street12 min short-narrative 2013 @allsurreal
Monica Vanesa Tedja Konseptor Kamuflase (The Camouflage)12 min short-narrative 2012 @monictedja
Monika Norcross-Cerminara* Umbrella Girl2 min short-animation 2015
Mora Stephens Zipper112 min feature-narrative 2015 @MoraStephens
Morgana McKenzie Gifts10 min short-narrative 2013 @MorganaMcKenzie
Nadia Litz How to Rid your Lover of a Negative Emotion Caused by You!16 min short-narrative 2010 @NadiaLitz
Nadia Tarra The Lady from the Blue Valley2 min short-experimental 2016
Nadine Schrader; Julia Wilczok Young Hearts3 min short-documentary ??? @hello3000
Nancy Kates; Bennett Singer Brother Outsider84 min feature-documentary 2002 @nancydkates
Nancy Savoca Dogfight94 min feature-narrative 1991
Nancy Spetsioti JAFAR3 min short-narrative 2011 @Nancyspe
Natalia Mirzoyan Chinti9 min short-animation 2012
Natasha Soto North8 min short-narrative 2015 @NatashyLee
Natasha Soto* The Donor3 min short-narrative 2015 @NatashyLee
Ng'endo Mukii Yellow Fever7 min short-animation 2015 @NgendoMukii
Nicole Albarelli Trash20 min short-narrative 2013
Nicole Holofcener Walking and Talking86 min feature-narrative 1996
Nikki Pinney Man With A Kodachrome6 min short-documentary 2013 @pinneynikki
Nikol David Pisces Women??? short-documentary 2015
Nikyatu Jusu Say Grace Before Drowning18 min short-narrative 2010 @Nikyatu
Nina Conti Her Master's Voice60 min feature-documentary 2012 @ninaconti
Nina Menkes Untitled #12 min short-experimental 2006 @menkesfilm
Nina Paley Fetch!4 min short-animation 2002 @ninapaley
Nnegest Likke Ben and Ara87 min feature-narrative 2016 @Nnegest
Nomi Talisman; Dee Hibbert-Jones Last Day Of Freedom31 min short-documentary 2015 @LivingConditio
Olga Korotko* A Date5 min short-narrative 2015
Olivia Newman First Match15 min short-narrative 2011 @livinewman
Pamela Yates When the Mountains Tremble83 min feature-documentary 1983 @pameladyates
Pamela Yates Granito81 min feature-documentary 2011 @pameladyates
Pascale Ferran Bird People127 min feature-narrative 2014
Pascale Lamche Black Diamond102 min feature-documentary 2010
Penelope Spheeris Decline of Western Civilization100 min feature-documentary 1981
Penny Lane Men Seeking Women4 min short-experimental 2007
Penny Marshall A League of Their Own128 min feature-narrative 1992
Penny Wozniak Despite the Gods86 min feature-documentary 2012 @DespiteTG
Prissly Mena My Mother The Scar??? short-documentary 2015 @SnaggleRadio
R. Shanea Williams Contamination23 min short-narrative 2013 @rshanea722
Rachel Fleischer Without A Home74 min feature-documentary 2011 @RachFleischer; @WithoutAHome_
Rachel Israel Keep the Change16 min short-narrative 2013 @ktcfilm
Rebecca Thomas Electrick Children96 min feature-narrative 2012 @beccalouthomas; @ElectrickChild
Reed Morano Meadowland105 min feature-narrative 2015 @reedmorano; @meadowlandfilm
Reka Bucsi Symphony no. 4210 min short-animation 2013 @rekabucsi
Ricki Stern & Annie Sundberg In My Father's House93 min feature-documentary 2015 @IMFHfilm
Riley Hooper 70-some Years6 min short-documentary 2015 @RileyMakesDocs
Roberta Grossman Above and Beyond85 min feature-documentary 2014 @writeourhistory
Robin Greenspun Semicolon; The Adventures of Ostomy Girl83 min feature-documentary 2015 @semicolonmovie
Robin McKay How to Abandon Ship11 min short-animation 2013
Ruba Nadda October Gale91 min feature-narrative 2014 @OctoberGale
Rylee Jean Ebsen Resolution of Two6 min short-narrative 2011 @RyleeJeanEbsen
Sabrina Doyle 113 Degrees20 min short-narrative 2012
Sally Potter Ginger & Rosa90 min feature-narrative 2012
Sam Taylor-Johnson Love You More15 min short-narrative 2007
Samantha Lavin In Memory of Me25 min short-narrative 2006 @samanthalavin
Sandra Salas Recovering Irma (development promo)5 min short-documentary 2013 @SandraSalas; @RecoveringIrma
Sara Caldwell* Scissor Man8 min short-narrative 2015
Sara Colangelo Little Accidents105 min feature-narrative 2014 @LAccidents
Sara Guindon Wiggles and Giggles2 min short-animation 2009 @saraguindon
Sarah Adina Smith The Midnight Swim87 min feature-narrative 2014 @SarahAdinaSmith
Sarah Blout Rosenberg Girl Power: All Dolled Up24 min short-documentary 2011
Sarah Gavron Suffragette106 min feature-narrative 2015 @SarahGavron; @SuffragetteFilm
Sarah McCarthy The Dark Matter of Love93 min feature-documentary 2012 @Sarahlikesfilms
Sarah Polley Away From Her110 min feature-narrative 2006
Sarah-Violet Bliss Priceless Things12 min short-narrative 2011 @SVBliss
Sari Gilman Kings Point31 min short-documentary 2012 @sarigilman
Sasha Litvintseva Immortality, home and elsewhere12 min short-experimental 2014
Sasha Waters Freyer Whipped62 min feature-documentary 1998
Shannon R. Giedieviells* Unrest5 min short-narrative 2015 @ShannonGiedievi
Sherren Lee My Favourite Thing4 min short-narrative 2013 @SundayAfterProd
Shira Piven Welcome to Me87 min feature-narrative 2014 @ShiraPiven
Shirley Clarke Ornette: Made In America77 min feature-documentary 1985
ShiShi Yamazaki YA-NE-SEN a Go Go2 min short-animation 2012 @shishiy
Simone North In Her Skin107 min feature-narrative 2009
Simonee Chichester Would You...10 min short-documentary 2008
So Yong Kim In Between Days81 min feature-narrative 2006
Sofia Coppola Marie Antoinette123 min feature-narrative 2006
Sophia Takal Green73 min feature-narrative 2011 @sophiathecolest; @greenflm
Sophie Koko Gate Half Wet8 min short-animation 2014
Stacey Steers Totem11 min short-animation 1998
Steph Green Run & Jump105 min feature-narrative 2013
Susan Saladoff Hot Coffee86 min feature-documentary 2011 @SusanSaladoff; @hotcoffeemovie
Susan Seidelman Smithereens89 min feature-narrative 1982
Susan Warms Dryfoos The Line King86 min feature-documentary 1996
Susanne Bier Serena109 min feature-narrative 2014 @Serena_TheMovie
Suzan Pitt Pinball7 min short-animation 2013
Suzanne Davenport Winnie Wright, Age 1127 min short-documentary 1974
Sylvia Borges Rendezvous28 min short-narrative 2013 @SylviaBorges1
Sylvia Chang Run Papa Run114 min feature-narrative 2014
Sylvie Trouvé Orange2 min short-experimental 2009
Takira Jackson Through Art, Live On??? short-documentary 2015
Tami Xu Qian-Chun The Mud Doll6 min short-narrative 2014
Tan Chui Mui One Future5 min short-experimental 2009 @TanChuiMui
Tania Romero* Drop It1 min short-experimental 2015
Tanya Zaman; Ivan Joy & Nathaniel Hatton* Canned3 min short-animation 2015
Tatia Pilieva Forever94 min feature-narrative 2015 @Tati_P
Tatiana Bears These Woods14 min short-narrative 2013 @tatianabears
Teresa McGee The Mary Contest22 min short-narrative 2014 @TMcGee2; @TheMaryContest
Teresa Sala; Viola Pittino The Zucchi Collection of Antique Handblocks16 min short-documentary 2012
Terre Nash If You Love This Planet25 min short-documentary 1982
Thanh Hoang The Funeral Singer15 min short-documentary 2015
Tina Mabry Mississippi Damned120 min feature-narrative 2009
Tonia Bogdanovich Phantom Halo89 min feature-narrative 2014 @tonia2000; @phantomhalo2014
Torill Kove Me and My Moulton14 min short-animation 2014
Toshiko Hata 秦 俊子 Rootless Heart10 min short-animation 2011
Tracy Spottiswoode Ding Dong3 min short-narrative 2002 @Tracyfilmwales
Trinh T. Minh-ha Reassemblage40 min short-documentary 1982 @trinhmh
Trish Dalton* Ambience7 min short-web series 2015
Trisha Ziff The Mexican Suitcase86 min feature-documentary 2011 @MexicanSuitcase
Valerie Dozier Knotty Pine??? short-narrative 2015 @vbdozier
Valerie Dozier* Bicycle4 min short-narrative ??? @vbdozier
Vanessa Block The Testimony28 min short-documentary 2015
Vanessa Hernandez Beyond Distance16 min short-documentary 2015
Vanessa Hope China in Three Words12 min short-documentary 2013 @VHopeful
Vivian & Chris Connolly Falling to Pieces18 min short-narrative 2015 @Fall2piecesfilm
Wiebke von Carolsfeld Stay98 min feature-narrative 2013
Yaara Sumerek Ringo14 min short-narrative 2013 @Yaaradirector
Yasmin Ahmad Chocolate4 min short-narrative 2009
Zia Anger I Remember Nothing18 min short-narrative 2015 @AngerZia
Zoe McIntosh Living Like Kings3 min short-documentary 2014
Zsuzsanna Mangu Around the Pole20 min short-documentary 2015